Northair Countertop 45lb. Ice Maker with 1 Gallon Water Tank, ZB-038 Review

Northair Countertop 45lb. Ice Maker  

Northair Countertop Ice Maker 1 Gallon Square Ice 45lbs

Northair ZB-038 is a compact built-in countertop style ice maker machine with 1 gallon water tank and 45 lb. daily ice capacity with your 24 solid ice cubes ready in just 20 minutes. It first appeared at on February 26, 2021 and is one of the better selling hot new release ice makers on the market.

There are two other options, including the 40lb. capacity HZB-18F/S model at 30 dollars less and the Pro model with 40lb. capacity at 20 dollars less at the time of this product review. The 45lb. model Ice Maker weighs 20.94 pounds and measures 14.2 x 9.9 x 14.6 inches and can have a permanent spot on your kitchen counter and you can make ice cubes every day for your different ice needs. The base of the bottle is 1.97 inches or 5cm. It works fairly quietly at a noise level of around 38 decibels when it is making and dropping ice into the ice basket.

You have two ways to put water into the 3L water tank, adding water manually or placing a gallon of water bottle on the top. You will get 24 ice cubes in every 20-minute cycle for a total daily capacity of up to 45 pounds in just 24 hours. Each square shaped ice weighs 7 to 9 grams and measures 1 x 1 x 1 inches. As you press the + button on the panel the ice cubes will become thicker and taller up to 1.25 inches. Please use distilled water if you want a better quality and better tasting ice. There is no beep sound to let you know when it is over but a light indicator and a latch inside and it will stop automatically once it reaches that latch. And it clicks before dropping the ice cubes into the ice basket.

This is a good quality ice maker machine with a premium look and feel and a decent compressor, a high quality evaporator and a fan. It has a large transparent cover for you to view the ice making process and the warning lights on the control panel will tell you when you need to add more water or when the ice basket is full. The ice maker will not refrigerate the ice and any unused ice will melt and go back into the water tank for use in the following cycle. It has an LCD-backlit digitalNorthair Countertop Ice Maker 1 Gallon Ice Cubes display at the front with the push buttons that are easy to read.  With its 115V of voltage and 60Hz of frequency and you can plug it into any US power outlets. In the package you will find the Northair Ice Maker, a user manual and an ice scoop.

It doesn’t require any installation and will work as you put water in and press the Start button. It has the built-in Self Cleaning function that works with the Timer/Clean button pressed for 5+ seconds and it will run for 20 minutes with the symbol rotating on the display. The ice maker will turn itself off automatically after this self cleaning is over and you can press the On/Off again to cancel it. It is important that you clean this ice machine before the first use by removing the ice basket, cleaning the inside with warm water and soap or just vinegar and rinsing it with water which you drain out through the draining port with the draining cap at the bottom. Please wipe the exterior with a damp cloth and vinegar, or water and detergent and dry both the interior and exterior with a soft cloth.

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