Orieme OM501S 30-inch Stainless Steel NG/LPG Convertible Gas Cooktop Review 

Orieme OM501S 30″ Stainless Steel NG/LPG Convertible Gas Cooktop

30 inch gas cooktop LG LPG Gas Burners Orieme

Orieme OM501S is a 30-inch size 304 stainless steel gas cooktop with 5 x NG/LPG convertible gas burners for built-in installation. There is a single 5-star rating at the moment for this 2021 model new release gas cooktop / stovetop.

You have the 2 x 5000BTU, a 2800 BTU, a 6500BTU and a 9500BTU gas burners on this modern and stylish gas cooker. The 9500BTU wok burner has the double flame control of maximum heat and low heat for your different cooking needs like searing steak or simmering soup. It has the AC power electronic ignition and with the 110V of voltage you can plug it into a standard power outlet. This built-in type Orieme Gas Cooktop is very easy to set up an you’ll find the NG and LPG regulators in the box.

Orieme 30-inch Gas Cooktop weighs 36.1 pounds and measures 29.5 x 19.6 x 3.93 inches with the cut dimensions of 27.9 x 18.8 inches. For safety each burned comes with the FFD/FSD- Flame Failure Safety Device and Flame Supervision Device- Thermocouple protection. This means that when the flame goes out by accident the gas supply will get cut off and there will not be any gas leaking and you’ll have a safe cooking experience.

You’ll find the LPG gas conversion kit in the box for changing the burners to liquefied gas. And the preset natural gas nozzles can be substituted by the LPG nozzles for your different needs. The stainless steel surface on this gas cooker is resistant to heat discoloration and corrosion and can be cleaned easily and effortlessly. The sealed gas cooktop will stop the spills from overflowing. The solid and sturdy non-melting metal knobs and the flat cast iron grates can be disassembled easily for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Orieme 30 Inch Gas Cooktop OM501S, 304 Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Orieme Gas Cooktop design will integrate into the countertop seamlessly. The groove on the cast iron grates make it solid and stable for the large and heavy pans. You can manouver the pans and pots easily on the sleek and flat surface. It is nice to have the metal knobs both for enhancing the look of the gas cooktop and sturdy and durable build quality. The robust and durable cast iron grates have the enamel coating for high temperature resistance and there wil not be easy rusting.

It first became available at Amazon.com on May 10, 2021 and there aren’t many customer reviews so far. You’re recommended to ask a professional for installing this gas cooktop. In the package you’ll find the gas cooktop, LPG conversion kit, regulator for NG and LPG, wok stand, cut board and an instruction manual. If you decide to use it with LPG, the orifice need to be changed. Please refer to the Amazon product page for the exact measurements. It is an ETL certified, durable gas cooktop that is safe to use and comes with a decent warranty of one year and lifetime customer service. You have the option to purchase the OM502G model and there is currently a 30-dollar price difference between the two versions.

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