Krib Bling Full-Automatic 15.4lb. & 13.5lb. Washing Machines Review

Krib Bling Full-Automatic Washing Machine

Krib Bling Full-Automatic Washer, 1.7 cu.ft. - 15.4lb

Krib Bling Full-Automatic Washer is a modern and compact laundry washing machine with a 15.4lb. or 1.7 cubic feet capacity, 10 programs, 4 water levels, 7000rpm speed, an LED-backlit control panel and a drain pump.

May 20,2021 is the date it first became available at and is currently ranked as the 89th best selling portable clothes washer. You have two size options for this gold color Krib Bling Washer, 13.5lb. and 15.4lb. with a 20-dollar price difference. You have ten standard cycles and different water levels that you can choose with the buttons on the digital multifunctional LED-backlit control panel. You’ll find the Program/Delay, Water Level/Rotation, Time setting and Child Lock options

By owning this compact full-automatic washing system you will not have to wash your clothes manually. All you need to do is to set the washing or spinning program and it will do everything on its own. You can get rid of the dirty or used water easily with the integrated aluminum pump and draining tube provided. It comes with a stainless steel inner tub with a honeycomb shape and a large 15.4-pound capacity to let you wash different items at once. It is easy to operate with basically no installation needed and with the straightforward instructions on the user manual and control panel.

Krib Bling Full-Automatic Washer, 1.7 cu.ft. - 15.4lb.

You can connect it to a regular washing machine connection in the bathroom or laundry room or to hook it up to a faucet with an adaptor. Any imbalance issues are adjusted and fixed by the built-in automatic imbalance detection. There will be bad vibrations during the fast spinning cycles if you don’t put the clothes in the tub evenly. And this auto detection function will kick in and fix the unbalance if it goes beyond a certain point.

This washing machine weighs 55.12 pounds and doesn’t come with the transport wheels underneath. And with its fairly small size it is not hard to move around and is suitable for use in small apartments, condos, dorms, camping, RVs and more. It is more functional and easier to use than the twin tub washing machines. It works quietly and washes your clothes very nicely and spin dries them just like any regular washing machine, only quieter. We are happy to recommend it to those with a limited space and need something compact and portable. The current average score is 5 out of 5 stars by 6 users at the time of this short product review.

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