Panaromia 27lb Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Self Cleaning Review

Panaromia 27lb Countertop Ice Maker

Panaromia Ice Maker

Panaromia Ice Maker is a 27lb. daily capacity, countertop style ice machine with the handle and self cleaning function. This electric ice machine can get 9 ice cubes ready in just 8 minutes for a total of 27 pounds in 24 hours. It is ideal for use in the home and office kitchens or wherever you’re near a power outlet.

With the 1.80amps of current rating and 110V of AC voltage it is suitable for being plugged into any standard US outlets. It has the good quality R600a refrigerant rather than the R134A you may find on other ice machines and 105 watts of power. This powerful and energy efficient modern compressor cools fast, consuming low energy and making little noise. It works very fast and you’ll only need to wait a few minutes for a batch of fresh ice cubes.

The ice cubes it makes are bullet shaped, decent quality, fresh, tasty and chewable. But this will depend very much on the water you use and it is best you don’t put tap water in, but only filtered water. The ice cubes it makes will not stick to each other or melt easily, but you’ll still need to transfer them into your freezer or drinks as this doesn’t have a built-in freezer compressor and the ice will melt gradually back into the reservoir for making more ice in the next batch. 

Panoramia Ice Maker has a compact size- measures 11.6H x 8.6W x 12.3D inches and is portable with a handle for easy relocation. It is made of good quality, solid ABS plastic that makes it durable and has a shiny finish. It has a 1.5L water reservoir for a 1.4 pounds of ice production on a single fill and you can use these ice cubes when entertaining guests or parties in your backyard for chilling beer, whisky, wine, soda and juice. It is suitable for use in home parties, basement bars, barbecues and coffee shops with the two different ice sizes of Large (25mm x 27mm) and Small (22mm x 24mm).

Panaromia Ice Maker Machine Countertop

With the automatic self cleaning function, the cleaning cycle is activated by pressing the Clean button for 5 seconds for getting rid of the accumulation of mineral scale. It is built with food grade materials for your health and safety. With the infrared sensor technology it shuts off automatically to prevent the overflowing and tells you when the ice basket is full of ice and when you need to add water into the reservoir. 

It is easy to operate as you just add water in the reservoir under the Max line and press the Select button for choosing ice size and you’ll have the ice ready in just 8 minutes. You’ll get an ice basket and ice scoop included in the box for easily transferring the ice cubes into your cold beverages or into your fridge freezer for later use. You can monitor the ice making process and the ice quantity through the large transparent window at the top whenever you want. The warranty offered for this safe and durable ice maker is two years by Panoramia. The noise level is specified as less than 45 decibels and will not disturb you even when you’re near it. You can contact their customer service team with any questions or problems you may have and they will happy to solve them. 

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