Pepsi Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with 126 Can Capacity, AB-1200BP Review

Pepsi 126-Can Beverage Fridge Cooler 

Pepsi Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with 126 Can Capacity

Pepsi AB-1200BP is a brand new release mini bar soda, beer and beverage fridge and cooler with Pepsi & Pete pattern that can accommodate 126 standard sized soda cans. It scores 4.1 out of 5 stars by 12 customers and we’ll find out the pros, cons and customers’ experiences.

It has the right hinge double glass door as part of a beautiful freestanding design and can cool down to icy 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1.11 Celsius). The wire shelves are easily adjustable for storing your cans, taller cans and different sized bottles. It has an energy efficient 85-watt compressor (110V) that also runs quietly.

This 126-can beverage fridge cooler by Pepsi weighs 70.5 pounds, measures 18.6 x 18.5 x 33.3 inches and has a 3.4 cubic feet capacity. It doesn’t occupy much space and can fit in quite a few cans and bottles. It looks sleek and nice with a 40s retro design, is easy on the eyes with the Pepsi & Pete pattern on the sides, and a lovely Pepsi logo at the front and black and grey color combination. The characters used on the design of this fridge were used back in the old days. And overall it shouldn’t look out of place in any kitchen or home decor.

There is a blue LED light inside that looks good and to help you pick your beverage without letting the cool air escape. This light is not door activated and turned on and off with a switch, and it will be always be  or off. You can keep it on all the time if it is in a room you sleep in and be bothered by the light or it can make a nice night light. But this is a common feature of many beverage coolers and not a major deal. Please note that it is always a good idea to let the fridge sit for up to 24 hours before plugging it in and start using it for the compressor oils to settle.

Pepsi Beer Beverage Fridge Cooler

In practice you can certainly fit in quite a few cans, if not the 126 advertised. It starts cooling straight away when you plug it in and cools down very quickly. Please note that the coldest setting is near freezing, icy cold, so you may want to put it to the one level up for very cold drinks at all times. It is capable of making your beverages very cold even when not at the lowest temperature setting.

It is an economical fridge cooler that won’t add that much to your electricity bills. The noise level is low and you will only hear a slight humming when you get very close and listen to it. You can comfortably use it in your kitchen, bar area, man/woman cave, basement, garage or wherever you see suitable. There may be a little temperature difference between the upper and lower shelves as is often the case in coolers. It costs more than a regular mini fridge, but does the job well, runs quietly, cools down quickly and consistently, is sturdy and durable and has a premium look and feel and a beautiful retro design. Overall it offers quite good value for the dollar even though the price is a bit high. You’ll get a standard limited warranty of one year by the manufacturer if you come across any issues after your purchase.

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