Seventable Nightstand Rustic End Side Table with 3 Drawers, Wireless Charging and LED Lights Review

Seventable Rustic Nightstand with LED Lights

Seventable Nightstand with Wireless Charging and LED Lights

Seventable Rustic Nightstand is an end side table with the 3 drawers and open storage,that comes with the adjustable LED lights and wireless charging for use in the bedroom as well as in dining room, living room and playroom.

Seventable Rustic Side Table is made of engineered wood (particle board material) and there are two color and pattern options of rustic brown or white at the same price at the moment and please check for the current prices. It weighs 32.9 pounds measures 13.8D x 15.7W x 25.2H inches and has three spacious drawers for the better organisation of your small items. And you also have an open space for your daily needs as you can see in the product photos.

The LED lighting on this nightstand has the beautiful multi-variable RGB LED-backlit colors, meaning the light strip color is variable depending on your needs. The lights will look better in the dark or when the light itself is in the dark and will make your house or room look nicer. This nightstand comes with the two AC and two USB sockets for charging function. You can hook up the power cord and put your phone in the wireless charging area and charge your smartphone easily.

Seventable Nightstand with Wireless Charging n LED Lights 2

Particle board material is used in the construction of this nightstand and it is safe and friendly to the environment. It also received good quality waterproof surface treatment and is easy to clean and maintain and this makes it good enough for many long years of use. The total weight capacity is 44 pounds for this nightstand and 11 pounds on each drawer that measures 14.5 x 4.5 x 13.8 inches.

The assembly is easy by following the installation instructions and shouldn’t normally take you more than half an hour without needing a drill etc. You can put your photo frames, alarm clocks, phone etc. on the flat desktop. The LED lights are included in the box and you put them in the reserved small holes on the board. There is a remote control for the LED light and you can adjust the light strip color easily and turn on or off. It is a great little nightstand that we’re happy to recommend. September 17, 2021 is the date it was first available at and is ranked the 16th best seller among the nightstands.

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