Silver Kealive 45S Commercial Ice Maker, Auto Clean, 99lb. in 24h with 33lb. Storage Review

Silver Kealive 45S Commercial Ice Maker

Silver Kealive 45S Commercial Ice Maker, Auto Clean, 99lb. in 24h with 33lb. Storage Review

The stainless steel silver Kealive Commercial Ice Maker 45S has a freestanding design, heavy duty stainless steel construction, 300 watts of power, a daily ice making capacity of 99 pounds and a 33 pound ice storage capacity, auto cleaning function.

It comes with an ice scoop and connection hoses and is suitable for use at home, shops or bars. Being a very new release commercial grade ice maker there aren’t many reviews online yet, but it currently scores 5 out of 5 stars anyway. It offers very quick and efficient ice making with 45 clear ice cubes in just a cycle of 12 minutes.

The ice it makes has a great square shape for use in different beverages. With a 33 lb. storage capacity it will be plenty for your daily ice needs for many people. There is good insulation on the ice storage and the ice will start melting after only a few hours. It has a powerful compressor that offers energy and performance efficiency and quiet operation and protection from high temperatures.

Kealive 45S weighs 62.5 pounds and measures 17.6 x 15.6 x 31.4 inches overall, and with the 4 feet underneath you’ll keep it away from the moisture on the ground. You can put it under the bar counter in the restaurant, deli or at your home bar. It doesn’t make much noise except for when dropping ice cubes in the storage box. You need to have a water outlet near this commercial ice maker to connect the hoses. It is made of stainless steel that is resistant to rusting. It comes with an ice scoop, a 7-foot draining hose and a 10-foot water supply hose with the faucet connectors.

With a user-friendly design and an easy automatic control it is easy to install and operate. It has an easy to use blue-backlit digital control panel with On/Off, Timer, Light, + and – buttons for ice thickness and the Temperature, Time, Power On and Ice Cube density/size indicators for small (thin), medium (15min) and large (hard) Kealive Commercial Ice Maker Machine 99lbsoptions. It makes great clear and fresh ice cubes.  With the convenient automatic self-cleaning function the machine will stay clean and the ice fresh at all times. It is sturdy and durable thanks to its great stainless steel finish and heavy duty construction.

It never makes ice from melted ice but has a drain hose that gets the used water out and lets the fresh water in. The hard and dense ice cubes will melt slower in your drink than bullet ice and will not change or dilute the taste. It functions in an ambient temperature of 50 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Kealive 45S is a reliable and sturdy commercial grade ice maker that is easy to hook up, offers decent daily ice making capacity, has the auto clean function and other user-friendly features at a fair price. It is offered with a warranty of two years by the manufacturer along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can contact their customer support team if you have any problems.

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