Sonya 13.2lb. Compact Clothes Dryer with Stainless Steel Tub & 7 Modes, SYD63K3 Review

Sonya 13.2lb. Compact Clothes Dryer, SYD63K3

Sonya 13.2lbs Electric Portable Compact Cloth Dryer

Sonya SYD63K3 is a portable and compact electric clothes dryer with a 1300W motor, 13.2 lb. capacity (3.8 cubic feet), a stainless steel tub and 7 convenient drying modes. It first became available at on February 9, 2021, is currently ranked third among the dryers at and there is a single 5-star rating on the day of this page release.

White Sonya Portable Dryer weighs 59.4 pounds and measures 23.5 x 20 x 27 inches. It is compact and portable with a space saving design and can be used in smaller apartments, holiday homes, dorms, RVs or any small spaces. If you have a dryer at home this could make a second dryer for your daily items. It is compact in size but still holds quite a bit- up to 13.2 pounds. With a modern streamlined design of a big round see-through window and good quality stainless steel drum that is solid and durable, resistant to chipping and rusting. You’ll get the exhaust vent pipe and removable lint filter set in the package with your purchase.

It is a multifunctional clothes dryer with the 7 convenient modes of 30mins, 60mins, 150mins, Mix, Smart, Extra and Airing. You can set the drying mode according to how much clothes you have and the material and you will get the results you want easier.  It has the standard 3 prongs (120 Volts, 60Hz) that you can plug into any standard outlets. 1300-watt power on the motor is not huge and may take a bit longer to dry your clothes but will also save on your energy bills. But the time needed for drying isSonya 13.2lbs Electric Portable Compact Dryer not as long as you’d expect from standard dryers. The results are reported to be quite satisfactory for the size of the dryer and the motor performance.

Sonya Compact Dryer seems to perform much better than generally expected of a similar machine. It is not particularly quiet and can get a little hot (very hot inside for efficient drying) during the process but gets the task completed successfully. It is also nice to have the different modes and functions like the Airing and Smart options and it has the auto shut-off function and once the drying is complete it will turn itself off automatically. You can load it with blankets, towels, sheets, jeans and other smaller items and it will be fine. You just need to choose the right settings and perhaps wait a bit longer than a full size, more powerful dryer. We’re pretty sure many users will be pleased with the performance, functionality and design and we are happy to recommend it.

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