TBVECHI Countertop Portable Compact Dishwasher Review

TBVECHI Countertop Portable Dishwasher

TBVECHI Portable Dishwasher

TBVECHI Countertop Portable Dishwasher comes with the 5 wash programs and is designed for use in small apartment kitchens, dorms, campers, boats and RVs. It became available on March 1, 2022 and is ranked the 33rd best selling countertop dishwasher on Amazon.com. 

You can view the dishwashing progress through the glass window at the front. The average water consumption in each cycle is between 2 to 3 litres. White Tbvechi Dishwasher is made of solid ABS and PP- Polypropylene plastic, weighs 15.43 pounds and measures 15.74L x 15.74W x 17.7H inches. You need a countertop area of 17.72 x 15 inches for this dishwasher. You can fit in different sized 2 to 6 sets of dishes at once in this compact dishwasher. 

The 5 wash programs included are Fast, Strong, Fruit and Veggies, Self-Cleaning and Purification that you can select through the easy to read control panel. And it offers proper cleaning that you’d get from a full size dishwasher in a small, countertop size. With the Rapid Wash option you can get your dirty dishes cleaned in just 35 to 55 minutes and the air circulation will dry them automatically. The water is lifted automatically for the dish washing and drained automatically after the washing is complete. The noise level is specified as a maximum of 50 decibels and will not disturb you or people around you.

TBVECHI Countertop Portable Dishwasher

It has a 1200-watt maximum power, 72-degree Celsius high temperature water and the lower spray arms that rotate 360 degrees for a strong deep cleaning that gets to the each corner of your dishes and glasses and handles even very tough dirt easily. It offers the cleaning, purification and storage functions. And the purification method is the high temperature purification and Ozone. In the package you’ll find the dishwasher, a dish rack, a sprinkler head, two connectors, a water inlet pipe, a drain pipe and an instruction manual.

You get a quality guarantee guarantee by the company and in case of any issues with the dishwasher you can contact the customer service that will be happy to assist you. They are available online 24 hours every day and offer you return, refund or exchange services. So you can have a peace of mind with this mini dishwasher you’re purchasing. Please read the operation instructions on the product manual carefully after opening the package and removing the accessories. Then install the inlet and outlet pipes and install the water outlet nozzle. Put the dishes, bowls and glasses and turn on the tap. Select the washing mode, turn on the power and it will start the washing automatically. You can remove your clean dishes and bowls after the countdown is complete.  

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