Timegard Professional Multi- Functional Adjustable Squat Rack Review

Timegard Multi- Functional Adjustable Squat Rack  

timegard adjustable squat rack

Timegard Squat Rack is a professional grade, multi-functional, adjustable and versatile fitness unit designed for indoor home gym use. It is a number one new release, entry level squat rack at Amazon.com that can be used for bench presses and squats comfortably.

You can use it with the pro level dumbbell stools and is fine for the regular Olympic size weight plates. Being made of a good quality, heavy duty steel frame with a thick tube it can hold a maximum weight of 441 pounds or 200kg. So it should be fine for the needs of beginner to intermediate trainers.

Timegard Squat Rack is made of iron, weighs 26.45 pounds or 12kg and the height is adjustable between 31.5 and 59 inches (80-150cm). It is easy to assemble and easy to carry around and store. Please use the wrench for tightening the nuts as doing it just by hand will not suffice and may be risky during your session or after. In the box you’ll find a barbell rack and the user manual.

The anti-slip rubber feet of the Timegard Squat Rack will keep it put in place- safe and stable during your workout or when you’re not using it. And your wooden floors will be protected and not get damaged by the metal contact. You can adjust the height by using the safety pins to whatever height you may need for your bench press, chest press or squat exercises.

You can actually use it to target- strengthen and tone the different muscles of your body, including your chest, arms, shoulders- biceps and triceps, middle and lower abdominals. It is a fairly sturdy and durable, entry level squat rack that is ideal for different exercises. If you don’t want to spend a lot and need something for doing squats and presses with your standard and Olympic plates, this one may well be worth considering. It seems to offer decent enough value for the dollar and we don’t think you can go wrong with how much it costs too.

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