Prime Home Direct R-134A 26 lb. Ice Maker Machine Review

Prime Home Direct R-134A 26 lb. Ice Maker  

Prime Home Direct Portable Countertop Ice Machine

Silver Prime Home Direct R-134A is a compact and portable countertop style ice maker with a modern and innovative design and a standard 26-pounds of daily ice making capacity. It gets your ice cubes ready for a variety of your cold drinks within only 6 to 10 minutes when you’re entertaining guests or preparing drinks for the family.

The average rating for this 2019 release ice maker is 4.5 out of 5 stars by 331 users currently. Prime Home Direct Ice Maker comes with an ice basket and ice scoop to help transfer the ice cubes to your glasses or into the freezer. It has an efficient 120-watt power compressor that is powerful and helps make solid ice in a short time and that runs quietly. It works at a noise level of less than 45 decibels and will not disturb people sleeping in the house or your conversation, music or movies.

Silver Prime Home Direct R-134A is made of sturdy and durable stainless steel, and is lightweight, flexible and compact. It weighs 18.85 pounds and has the dimensions of just 9.5 x 12.9 x 14 inches. It will fit on any kitchen counter, tabletop or bar and can be moved around easily to be used in different settings, when you want to use it in your basement bar, outdoor parties or barbecues. The ice cubes it makes are bullet shaped and chewable and the two size options will serve your different needs. The small cubes will fit in the standard water bottle openings and you can use the large in your mixed drink containers.

You have the Power On/Off and Select buttons and the Add Water, Ice Full, Power, Small- S, Large- L light indicators. The two warning lights will tell you when you need to refill the tank with water and when the ice basket is full of ice and the ice machine will turn off automatically. It doesn’t need a water line connection and you fill the water reservoir with a 2.2-liter capacity that is located just Prime Home Direct Countertop Ice Makerunderneath the ice basket so that the water from the melted ice is recycled to make new ice. The ice will melt gradually but with the better heat insulation of this modern ice maker, it will stay solid longer.

Prime Home Direct R-134A is easy to clean with the water outlet and a drain plug at the bottom to get rid of the unused water. The ice you make will be much clearer if you use filtered or purified water. How long it takes to make ice will depend on the water temperature and the colder the water you use, the faster it will make the ice cubes. It offers a quick and practical solution to your daily ice needs and you won’t need keep traveling to the store to get ice. Please note that this ice maker is not ideal for larger quantity of ice needs like filling a chest freezer with ice and you’d need to produce ice constantly.

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