Urchin Adjustable Multi-Functional Weight Bench Review

Urchin Adjustable Weight Bench 

Urchin Adjustable Strength Training Bench

Urchin Adjustable Bench is a multi-functional fitness unit with a foldable and adjustable design, that is designed for whole body resistance training sessions in your home gym, by using dumbbells, barbells or just your body weight.

It is a very recent release weight bench with a single 5-star rating at the time of this review. The frame is made of commercial level thick steel and have passed many weight tests before the bench goes out on the market. The manufacturer has been in the fitness equipment industry for two decades. And this weight bench is created by the advice of professional trainers.

Urchin Adjustable Weight Bench has a conveniently adjustable design with the backrest adjustable to 8 levels and the seat to 4 levels with very little gap between the two. Physical pressure and fatigue are minimized with the very dense upholstery and soft foam roller pads. It is a versatile workout equipment that lets you target different muscles in your body- biceps, triceps, chest, shoulder, back, abdominals and legs by performing different exercises and at different angles. You can use it with free weights or arrange a rack.

Urchin Weight Bench has a robust steel frame and weighs 32.45 pounds, measures 33.5 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches and will not shake or wobble easily during your workout. The backrest is 31 inches long, the seat is 14″ long and 20″ high off the ground. It will save you on space Urchin Adjustable Workout Benchwith its foldable design. The backrest angle can be adjusted between 0 and 200 degrees and can’t really be used in the decline position for decline bench presses etc. The total weight capacity including the user and the weights is roughly 600 pounds for this bench, which is quite a lot.

It is quite solid and stable and you shouldn’t really worry about the stability issues unless you overdo it. It complies with the CA65 and CE standards for health and safety. Overall it is quite good value for money and you’re getting what you pay for. Yes there are certainly cheaper alternatives on the market and at Amazon.com, but they’re not as solid and comfortable as this one. You will not regret your decision if you go ahead an purchase it. It is easy to assemble with most of it pre-assembled. You can contact the customer service team if you need any parts replaced or with any other problems. They hold many parts of these fitness equipment in their warehouse. and they will get back to your queries very quickly.

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