Whynter CUF-301BK 3.0 cu. ft. Energy Star Upright Freezer with Lock Review

Whynter CUF-301BK 3.0 cu. ft. Upright Freezer 

Whynter CUF-301BK 3.0 cu. ft. Upright Freezer

Whynter CUF-301 is a 3 cubic feet capacity Energy Star rated upright freezer with a 100 watt (120V, 60Hz) compressor and lock. It is sold as the Amazon’s Choice for 3 cubic feet upright freezer and available in black color- black cabinet and black door.

Whynter 3 cu. ft. Freezer is easy on the eyes with its freestanding modern design, weighs 57 pounds and measures 21L x 20W x 34H inches. You will need about two inches of clearance at the back and on the sides of this compressor type freezer.

As a manual defrost type freezer you need to defrost it every few months. But you won’t see any frost for at least a few months. The temperature range can be adjusted between -11 and 10.4 degrees Fahrenheit with its mechanical thermostat. It has the black or stainless steel reversible swing door on the black cabinet, a recessed handle and a cylinder lock with two handles. It runs fairly quietly at a noise level of less than 42 decibels. You’ll find three quick freezing coil shelves and a pull out basket shelf inside.

The 3 cubic feet Whynter Upright Freezer is good for small spaces in your flat kitchen, office, home basement or garage. You can keep the contents safe with the lock provided and adjust the door to open from the left or the right for easy installation anywhere you want. The 3 condenser coil shelves will offer direct contact for freezing the items fast and let the cold air circulate around the freezer. The basket is half the size of the shelves as it is sharing some space with the compressor.

The flush back design helps with fitting against the convenient walls or corners for helping reduce the footprint. With its Energy Star rating it won’t consume much electricity. The estimated annual electricity use is 240 kWh. It works so quietly that Whynter CUF-301BK 3.0 cu. ft. Energy Star Upright Freezeryou won’t hear anything unless you come near it and listen to it. You need to level it well on the floor for not hearing any noise. It will hold quite a bit of foods and ice bags even though it doesn’t look so big on the outside.

The cooling mechanism on each shelf is great and cools down to the temperature you set very fast. It is probably a bit bigger than what you see in the photos but will accommodate quite a lot of frozen items. Please note that the shelves are not adjustable or removable but help greatly with the efficient cooling. The location of the temperature adjustment at the back is not very convenient as it can be a little hard to see. Whatever you put in it will stay solid frozen. It is a decent basic freezer at a reasonable price.

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