The Laundry Alternative Ninja Portable Centrifugal 3200rpm Spin Dryer Review

The Laundry Alternative Ninja 3200rpm Spin Dryer

Ninja Spin Dryer 3200rpm

The Laundry Alternative Ninja Spin Dryer is a portable centrifugal type unit that works at 320-watt regular power and 3200rpm speed (110V AC). It is promoted as the only spin dryer with a proper high tech suspension system. You can have your clothes almost dry in just three minutes.

You don’t need to stop and rebalance your laundry loads much, as it offers quite a stable operation. You can use it in small spaces and move it around easily if you’re living in a small flat or traveling in an RV. It does the job well, gets the water out of your laundry in just a few minutes and you can hang your clothes almost dry.

Ninja Spin Dryer weighs only 19.7 pounds and measures just 13.5 x 13.5 x 26 inches, is compact and portable, won’t occupy much space and can be easily moved around. But it has a large 18 pound capacity in its 9″ x 14″ inner tub- stainless steel drum despite its fairly compact exterior. The drum is made of a very good quality stainless steel with the triple weld. More basic welds are not suitable for the high rpm spin dryers as they can fail by time.

It runs fairly quietly, much quieter than the other floor model spin dryers out there on the market. You can even forget that it is on.  You can turn on and off the spin dryer by using the security latch that locks the lid and starts the motor automatically. It will continue running till the latch is released and the lid will stay locked for another 5 seconds waiting for the drum to stop completely for security reasons.

The Ninja Spin Dryer doesn’t come with a drain hose but a spout at the front. You may just use a container underneath or put the spin dryer with the spout on a floor drain. The power cord is 6 feet long and you won’t need an extension cord in most cases. The regular power is 320 watts but Ninja Spin Dryer 3200rpm Laundry Alternative it will reach a maximum of 1200 watts when it is first started and won’t use up much electricity. It is not a clothes dryer but a spin dryer that runs at high speeds and will get more water off your laundry.

The Laundry Alternative offers three years of warranty on this spin dryer, including a 30-day return policy if you’re not happy with the product for whatever reason- performance or other, and contact them by email at, and request a Return Authorization Number. It is currently one of the best sellers in Clothes Dryer category at Their customer service is reported to be really good, and they’ll do anything they can to help you. It is a good value for money spin dryer that we don’t hesitate to recommend.

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