Yakey 1400W Portable Front Load Laundry Dryer w/ 9 lbs Capacity, GYJ40 Review

Yakey 1400W Portable Front Load Dryer

yakey 1400w portable dryer 9lbs capacity

White Yakey GYJ40 by QCen is an electric, portable and compact front loading tumble laundry dryer with a freestanding design, 1400-watt power and 9lbs (2.6 cubic feet) capacity, a stainless steel inner drum and an LCD-backlit control panel with 4 different drying modes you can choose from.

White Yakey 9lb. Dryer weighs only 48.4 pounds with the measurements of 23.6 x 17.1 x 27.5 inches- is compact and lightweight for use in apartments and condos. It comes with the handles that help you maneuver it around easily and is easy to install with a unique design. You’ll find a vent kit and a wall-mounting bracket for hanging it on a wall, fitting it in smaller spaces, in closets or anywhere that seems suitable. This modern laundry dryer has a spacious 2.6 cubic feet interior capacity and can dry as much as 9 pounds of clothes at once (family size).

You could use it for your smaller loads or as an extra dryer to your main washer and dryer. It is best that you do not load more than 9 pounds of clothes at once for getting the best drying results. The drying performance is quite good with its 1400-watt power motor (110V & 120V, 60HZ) and the updated high quality stainless steel tumbler and can get to the temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. With the faster drying performance you will also be saving on your energy bills. The noise level for this tumble dryer is specified as just 58 to 62 decibels which is pretty good for a dryer. So you can attend your other tasks around the house or relax in peace without being bothered by the noise.

Yakey 9lb. Dryer has an LCD control panel that is easy to use and understand with the four drying modes. These include the “Normal” for drying the smaller items or those that may need ironing, “Eco” for drying small clothes and deodorizing any of your clothes, “Intelligent” or Smart mode for adjusting the drying time automatically, based on humidity and “Strong” for drying the larger clothes quickly. You can choose from the heating options of “Warm” that runs for 60-120 minutes, “Hot” for 120-200 mins, “Cool” for 0-20mins, “Air Dry” for 0-80mins and the “Anti-Wrinkle” setting for 30-60mins. With the auto shut-off function it will turn itself off once the drying cycle is completed and also when you open the door. And you can add more clothes halfway into the drying.

Yakey Dryer offers you an easy way to dry your clothes without needing to think about bacteria build up that may happen with the air drying. It has a freestanding or standalone design but is also stackable and wall mounted. Tangling is prevented and the wrinkles are reduced with the anti-wrinkle function. Both the exhaust and intake filters are easy to clean. In the box you will find the Yakey Clothes Dryer, an exhaust connector, two hanging brackets, two plastic spacers, 4 x 25mm long screws, 4 x 12mm long screws and an instructions manual. The materials used are ABS solid plastic and stainless steel.

We like its modern design with a large door window, stainless steel tumble for durability and long service life, electronic touch display, timer function and control lock option. The high-tech air intake filter on this dryer is easy to clean and maintain. You are not recommended to load more than 10 pounds of clothes at once. Your order will be processed within 24 hours and shipped swiftly from the warehouses in New Jersey or California. The Yakey Tumble Dryer is offered with a 12 months of product warranty as well a 90-day refund guarantee, as well as a lifetime product service. You can contact the seller or customer support for any problems you may encounter after your purchase. And they promise to get back with a satisfactory service within 24 hours. The current average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 3 customers on the day of this post release. It first became available at Amazon.com on December 29, 2020.

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