Artidy Countertop Portable 26lb. Ice Maker, ATD-IM12B Review

Artidy Countertop Portable 26lb. Ice Maker

Artidy Countertop Ice Maker Machine

Artidy Ice Maker (ATD-IM12B) is a countertop style, sleek and modern kitchen appliance with a 26lb. daily ice making capacity per day with 9 ice cubes ready for you in only about 6 to 13 minutes. It has a conveniently portable design and can be used in different settings including your home kitchen or bar area, cafes, bars, offices and more.

You’ll get an ice basket and scoop with your purchase and you can transfer the ice cubes easily once the basket is full. The control panel has the light indicators of Ice Full and Add Water and you’ll know when it is ready to be used or transferred into your fridge freezer. It doesn’t have a built-in freezer and the ice will melt slowly in a few hours with the speed depending on the ambient temperature. The ice maker will continue making ice all day long as long as you empty the ice basket and you have enough water in the 2 liter water reservoir.

You can choose the ice size between Small and Large and use them in your cold drinks or wherever you need ice. These ice pieces are bullet shaped and will not make your mouth feel uncomfortable. If you see the Add Water light indicator on, you know that you need to fill the tank with water. Please make sure it is distilled or pure water to get the best quality ice with better taste and texture. You will not get the best results with the tap water. The ice maker case is made of solid plastic and the internal temperature is maintained well and the ice cubes will melt gradually.

It works quietly and you will just hear a bit of noise when it is dropping ice into the basket. And you can enjoy your cold beverages without getting disturbed by the noise of an ice maker running in the background. Please note that it is designed mainly for home and office use or small commercial settings with not very high daily ice demand. Just like with the other compressor style cooling units it is recommended that you keep it in an upright position for 24 hours prior to use. With its 110-120V of voltage and 60Hz of frequency you can plug it into any US power outlets. The smart control panel with an intuitive display is easy to operate and the Ice Full and Add Water indicators are quite useful.

Artidy Countertop Ice Maker Display Panel

Artidy Countertop Ice Maker weighs 15.9 pounds and measures 8.7L x 12.3W x 12.6H inches. It is easy on the eyes with a stylish and modern design and a see-through window at the top that lets you view the ice making process without needing to open the lid. You can clean it easily by wiping the exterior with a soft cloth and draining the water after unplugging it. And you can use vinegar or detergent and water to clean the interior and rinse it with water and drain it.

It has an efficient refrigeration compressor with a decent performance level to offer you great ice cubes consistently. And with the exhaust cooling the ice maker will cool it down quickly, releasing the heat out. Please make sure you read the instructions on the user manual for a safe operation before your first use of this ice maker. The ice color is related to how pure the water you use and the cubes are crisp. It is offered with a warranty of one year by the manufacturer plus a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. And you also have the lifetime customer service that you can contact through your Amazon order page or their emails and phone numbers. The date it became available at is January 27, 2021. And the user score is an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars by 14 people that purchased and used it.

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