FREE VILLAGE 40lb. Capacity Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Auto Self-Cleaning Review

FREE VILLAGE 40lb. Capacity Countertop Ice Maker

FREE VILLAGE Countertop Ice Maker

FREE VILLAGE Ice Maker (HZB-18F/SL) is a stainless steel, countertop style portable and compact machine by Ningbo Rowan Appliances Inc. with a 40lb. ice making capacity and the automatic self-cleaning function. It is good for use in kitchens, homes, bars, offices etc. as long as there is a power outlet thanks to its conveniently portable design.

Free Village Ice Maker is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by 38 customers at the time of this post release and first became available at on January 22, 2021. This ice machine weighs 26 pounds and measures 13 x 16.54 x 16.54 inches to fit on any kitchen counter. And with its sleek and modern design it will look good in any decor. It has an efficient and powerful compressor that offers stable performance and quick cooling, while saving you on energy consumption. You’ll get 24 pieces of good quality ice cubes in just 13 to 18 minutes for a total of up to 40 pounds of ice per 24 hours.

It comes with a 2.2lb. capacity ice basket and scoop for transferring ice cubes into your fridge freezer or into your cold drinks, foods etc. You can easily adjust the ice thickness through the control panel and you have the + and – buttons for adjusting the time, On/Off and Timer. You have the Ice Making and Ice Harvest symbol- making ice when the symbol is running and harvesting when it is flashing. By pressing the Timer for 5 seconds + you get the ice maker into the auto self cleaning mode which will take about 20 minutes. And it is important that you clean this ice maker regularly to get clean and pure ice, free of harmful bacteria.

We like the easy to ready and operate touch control panel with the smart warning indicators like Ice Full and Add Water, by which it tells you when you need to fill up the water reservoir to continue the ice making process and and when you can empty the ice basket into your freezer or if you want to use the ice cubes straight away. In both cases the ice maker can restart where it left off with the ice production. Despite having a powerful compressor of an advancedFREE VILLAGE Countertop Ice Maker Machine technology the ice maker machine works quietly and without generating any heat. It is basically a rather quiet and fast compressor cooling system.

Please leave the ice machine unplugged for about 24 hours and read the operations manual prior to the first use. It is best that you use cold distilled water rather than tap water for the best results and keep the ice maker in a cool spot. The ice maker doesn’t come with a built-in freezer but proper insulation and the ice made will melt back into the reservoir gradually. You can see the ice making process through the transparent window. With the exhaust cooling the heat is released into the air and the compressor cools the ice machine quickly. It is offered with a whole year of return policy in case it is a defective product or does not work as expected. The customer service team will try and help you swiftly, offer a solution or make the arrangements to return the ice maker machine to them.

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