Colzer Portable Electronic Ice Maker, GSN-Z1 Review

Colzer Portable Electronic Ice Maker, GSN-Z1

Colzer Portable Electronic Ice Maker Machine

Colzer GSN-Z1 is a compact and portable, countertop style, and highly efficient electronic ice maker with a 33 pounds of ice making capacity within 24 hours, with 9 ice cubes in 6 to 13 minutes. It is suitable for use in home kitchens, bars, RVs, boats, outdoors, parties, gatherings and wherever you want.

Colzer Ice Maker comes with a decent 2.2 liter capacity water reservoir to let you make ice ahead of time and to have ready when needed, a 1.5 lb. ice basket- storage bin and a BPA-free ice scoop to transfer the ice easily when it’s done. As a very recent release ice maker that was released only in March, 2019 there is a single product review and a rating of 5 stars at the time of this page release.

The ice it makes is bullet shaped and without sharp edges that could hurt your mouth. And you can choose the size of the ice block, small or large to be used in your smoothies, beers, juices, iced desserts, seafood and other foods that may need ice. It has a modern 112W power R600a/26g compressor and refrigeration technology (110V-120V) that makes it run efficiently with a higher ice making capacity and quietly. The noise level is specified as 45 decibels. Please note that the ice making will not be the best in the first 5 rounds or so, and the refrigeration will be more stable afterwards.

You can monitor the ice making process through the transparent window at the top and check the ice level without lifting the lid all the time. There is no need for any installation as you just fill the water tank with pure or distilled water, plug it in and press the On/ Off button and wait for your ice cubes. The control panel is easy to use with just two buttons- On/Off and Select and Add Water, Ice Full, Power, S and L indicators. This ice maker is very easy to use straight out of the box, fill with water, drain and reuse, monitor the ice making, and keep things in control.

Colzer Portable Electronic Ice Maker

Colzer Ice Maker looks nice in stainless steel color that would blend well with any decor or environment, weighs 17.1 pounds and measures 14.9 x 11 x 14.9 inches, is compact, portable and lightweight. The power cord is 48.4 inches long with the plug and 46 inches without.  Just like with any fridges or coolers please wait for about 24 hours before turning it on and start using it as the oils may have moved or leaked during the transportation process.

Please note that this ice maker doesn’t have a built-in freezer but has a well-insulated 1.5 lb. storage bin and you need to use them or transfer them to your fridge freezer. Or they will melt and be reused in the next batch. It is a good idea to check the drain and inner silicone plugs to avoid water leakage. Please put the ice machine on a stable, clean and ventilated surface, add water to the max level and drain the air inside the pump. It is safe to use as it will shut off automatically when the ice basket is full or when there is no water. Small ice cubes will take shorter to make than large ice cubes: 6-10 mins vs. 8-13 mins, depending on the ambient temperature. If you’re on the market for a reasonably priced ice maker that looks good, does the job well and that is easy to use, the Colzer Ice Maker is a decent option. It is offered with a decent warranty of two years and friendly and professional customer support.

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2 thoughts on “Colzer Portable Electronic Ice Maker, GSN-Z1 Review”

  1. I have had my Colzer portable ice maker for less than 4 months and it has stopped making ice. There is nothing in the pamphlet telling how to reset the machine to get it to restart making ice. Over it already when I pay hard earned money and expect it to work longer than 4 months. Ridiculous!!!

    • Sorry about what happened but you need to contact the seller or Amazon customer support. We only review these products.


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