Elgi Ultra Chocogrind Cocoa Grinder Chocolate Refiner Melanger Review

Elgi Ultra Chocogrind Cocoa Grinder Chocolate Refiner 

Elgi Ultra Chocogrind Chocolate Refiner

Elgi Ultra Chocogrind is a sturdy and functional chocolate maker, chocolate refiner, cocoa grinder and melanger that you can use in your home kitchen for making great home-made chocolates. The average customer rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars by 14 users on the day of this post release for this decent quality chocolate refiner and cocoa processor.

This product qualifies for extended holiday returns till January 31, 2021 if you’re not happy with it or in case of defects. It has a minimum capacity of 700g and a maximum capacity of 2kg. The company tested and found these results with a cocoa nibs to sugar ratio of 70 : 30 and works really well for small batches. Chocolate making is a lengthy process and this grinder machine comes with a preset timer of up to 99 hours and an automatic switch-off when this preset time ends. You can adjust your preset time in the intervals of one hour.

The 150-watt efficient and powerful motor (110V) is resistant to high heat with the Class H insulation and can run non-stop for up to 80 hours. For security it comes with the automatic shut-off and start functions. With this modern Elgi Ultra Chocolate Grinder you can make great quality, healthy chocolate that tastes great in your home kitchen. All you’ll need is cocoa nibs and sugar and you will not need any additives or other additional substances. You will be able achieve the fineness of grinding quicker than normal with its patented conical stones.

Elgi Ultra Chocogrind weighs 36.7 pounds and measures 18 x 10.8 x 11.34 inches and can have  a permanent spot on your counter with its modern design. If you feel that this chocolate maker is heating up, that is perfectly normal and needed for making the paste and achieving an emulsion slowly. Bain-marie style chocolate heating is needed for a good refinement in the chocolate making process. To Elgi Ultra Chocogrind Chocolate Refiner Cocoa Grinderturn the cocoa beans to a paste you need to roast the beans first, and grind the beans to the ground coffee consistency in about half an hour to an hour. Then the Elgi Ultra grinds the nibs into a very nice chocolate paste.

Aisi 304 food grade stainless steel drum is rust resistant and will help offer you tasty and healthy chocolates. Please add the cocoa nibs slowly as there may be clogging by the drive shaft between the wheels and the drum base. You won’t get a thorough user manual with this cocoa grinder refiner but a chocolate making manual. Customer reviews are mainly positive and they’re happy about the way it works and the results it offers. It will allow you to make great quality, healthy and tasty chocolate at the sweetness level you want, in the comfort of your home. Judging by the reviews and the ratings it appears to be very good value for the dollar.

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