PERLECARE Adjustable All-in-One FID Weight Bench, PCW01 Review

PERLECARE Adjustable All-in-One FID Weight Bench

PERLECARE Adjustable FID Weight Bench

PERLECARE PCW01 is an all-in-one FID- flat, incline, decline adjustable weight bench for a full body workout with a conveniently foldable design and a solid structure with a total weight capacity of 772 pounds. It comes with two elastic workout bands for your warm-up training. It lets you do a variety of exercises using weights or your own body weight, like the side bends, hyperextension, sit-ups, dumbbell chest press, lateral raises, priest stool and more.

Perlecare Weight Bench gives you the convenience of having a bench at your service whenever you want to use in the comfort of your home, when it is a challenge to get to the gym with work commitments and the cost of monthly fees. As a multifunctional unit it works as an FID weight bench, ab board, preacher curl and glute bridge for a great full body workout. It can help you train your chest, back, triceps, biceps, hams, shoulders and core section. And the two workout bands you’ll get will help you with your warm-up training.

Very dense memory foam cushion on the seat and backrest and the arms pad are quite comfortable, offering great support on your body when you’re performing different exercises using free weights and your body weight. This multi-position FID bench comes with 7 pad heights for the preacher curl, 7 backrest angles (70, 52, 36, 18, 0, -18 and -36 degrees) and 2 ankle positions. And you can go between decline, flat and incline positions very easily. It has a robust frame made of high grade steel with powder coating that is resistant to scratches and will give you a great support for your different workouts.

PERLECARE Adjustable Weight Bench

This weight bench is tested and inspected thoroughly with tough load bearing tests before going out on the market. It is sweat-proof and resistant to wear and tear. It has a heavy duty steel frame with a solid triangular structure for a total of 772 pounds of total weight capacity and the anti-slip foot pads. It is very easy to put the pieces together as you just put some screws and knobs that you’ll get in the package and you can start using it straight away after making sure they are tightened properly.

Perlecare Weight Bench weighs just over 24 pounds and measures 51.1 x 16.1 x 14.5 inches in the flat position with the preacher curl height adjustable between 27.9 and 35 inches. You will save on space with its easily foldable and portable design and you can just put it in a convenient corner or under your bed. It is best that you don’t use heavy dumbbells on this bench as there will be an uncomfortable sense of sinking. You can use it for your body weight exercises and with light dumbbells. People that are up to 6 feet tall will be fine with the backrest and they’ll feel comfortable. You’ll get a warranty of one year and the seller / customer support is contactable via email or your order page.

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