Naspaluro Indoor Stationary Belt-driven Spin Bike with 18 lb. Flywheel Review

Naspaluro Indoor Stationary Belt-driven Spin Bike  

Naspaluro Spin Bike

Naspaluro Spin Bike is a solid and durable, stationary indoor cardio equipment with a modern design, a heavy duty steel frame, smooth belt drive, 18 lb. flywheel, infinite levels of resistance, smart LCD display and a soft and comfortable seat. This real time LCD monitor tells you the distance traveled, calories burned, current speed, time exercised, ODOmeter and heart rate through the sensors on the handles. You can stay in your target heart rate zone and burn calories more efficiently. It is good to know your progress and adjust your workout plan to achieve your results faster.

Naspaluro Spin Bike runs very smoothly and quietly with the built-in 18 pound flywheel and belt drive. You can feel safe and stable on its heavy duty steel frame and have a peace of mind. With the infinite levels of resistance your can have as easy or as challenging workout as you want. It will help you burn calories and fat, lose weight, improve your heart and lung function. You can use the red tension knob for changing the resistance and as an emergency brake with an easy twist if you want to stop the bike immediately but safely. We recommend that you change the levels of resistance during your session for a more effective calorie burning and fat loss.

By different resistance levels you will have the same experience of the simulated riding, uphill, climbing, cross-country and acceleration. It works quietly without disturbing the people in your house or your neighbors. You can watch videos or listen to your favorite songs and exercise longer with the distraction. Black and red Naspaluro Spin Bike weighs 60 pounds and measures 39 x 39.8 Naspaluro Spin Bike LCD Display x 20.1 inches. And you can move this solid, heavy duty  bike around easily as you tilt and roll it on its double transportation wheels. It is suitable for use by people at different ages and fitness levels including beginners or advanced users and athletes.

The padded comfortable seat is adjustable for height to 5 levels between 39 and 43 inches. It also has the nicely padded anti-slip handles to add to your comfy riding experience. It can carry a maximum user weight of 330 pounds on its robust and durable frame. The toe caged pedals come with the adjustable straps and will be good for different size feet. You have a smartphone holder below the display where you can put your tablet or phone for entertainment and working out longer and a bottle holder as well. This Naspaluro Spin Bike is the upgraded version with a modern appearance, heavier flywheel and a larger seat cushion. You can install it within just 10-15 mins with the tools and the instructions in the package. It is a great looking bike with a premium look and feel, a sturdy construction and smooth operation and seems to be good value for money.

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