FANCOOL Compressor Wine Cooler, 41-Bottle FAN-41 & 63-Bottle FAN-63 Review

FANCOOL Compressor Wine Cooler Fridge

FANCOOL Compressor Wine Cooler

FANCOOL Compressor Wine Coolerwine is offered in two types of a 41-bottle capacity of FAN-41 and 63-bottle capacity FAN-63. And we refer to the standard 750ml size Bordeaux shaped wine bottles when we say 41 or 63 bottle maximum capacity.

These are UL certified wine fridges that are perfectly safe to use, meeting the nationally recognised sustainability and safety standards. Both are large, frost-free wine coolers / fridges with the beech shelves and can be used as both freestanding (standalone) and built-in as long as you have enough clearance at the back and on the sides. The temperature can be adjusted between 41 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit for your white, red, sparkling wine or champagne.

Fancool Compact Freestanding Wine Cooler has a black matte finish and a premium look and feel, FAN-41 weighs 62.9 pounds and measures 15.75L x 19.68W x 32.48H inches and FAN-63 weighs 84.8 pounds and measures 19.7 x 19.7 x 32.5 inches. Both the FAN-41 and FAN-60 models are single door wine coolers with the adjustable and removable robust beech shelves with grooves that slide out easily. You can put 11 bottles on the bottom shelf, 5 bottles on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th shelves and 10 bottles on the top of the 41 bottle capacity cooler.

The compressor works quietly and efficiently and cools down to the temperature you want quickly. Thanks to this powerful compressor the interior temperature will not be affected by the ambient temperature or outside sources of heat. And the temperatures you can get to are low enough for your white and sparkling wine bottles. This freestanding wine cooler is easy to use with its adjustable legs on different grounds. You can adjust the temperature easily and view it in both Celsius or Fahrenheit via the °C/°F converter through the digital touch display.

The stainless steel double paned tempered glass door is UV resistant and will help keep your wines well protected from the harmful UV rays which can destroy the flavors and tannins and the outside temperature. It has the blue interior lighting for you to view your bottles easily without needing to openFANCOOL Compressor Wine Cooler 41 Bottle Capacity the door and to showcase them nicely. The glass door opens up to 200 degrees and you can put it near other appliances and you can open the door easily without problems.

You can install it under or into a counter in your bar or kitchen area or use it as a standalone fridge. October 27, 2020 is the date FanCool Wine Cooler became first available at and is currently ranked the 8th best selling freestanding wine cellar at Overall it is nice to look at, solid and durable, quiet and efficient, easy to operate and is good value for money. Customer service may be contacted via your order page or email provided for any info or help you may need before or after your purchase.

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