Frigidaire FRW1225 Wine Cooler, Black (Renewed) Review

Frigidaire FRW1225 Wine Cooler- Renewed

Frigidaire FRW1225 Wine Cooler

Black Frigidaire FRW1225 is a sleek and contemporary, single zone, free standing, stainless steel wine cooler with a 12 Bordeaux type bottle capacity, sold by the Amazon Renewed at a reasonable price and looks and works like brand new.

It is offered with the Amazon Renewed Warranty for 90 days of you encounter any defects or problems with the product. And you will get the Amazon product support included free of charge with your purchase. Please note that those in stock are pre-owned wine coolers that have been thoroughly inspected and tested by Amazon’s qualified suppliers.

The accessories and the box you’ll get with your purchase can be generic. If you have open wine bottles, you can put up to four bottles in an upright or standing position thanks to its innovative design. It has quite a stylish appearance complemented by a black exterior and a double tempered curved glass door. There is a single zone in this upright compact cooler with a 12 bottle capacity and the temperature range is between 46 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

It gets down to the temperature you set and stays there consistently as long as you don’t open the door too often. The blue interior light that you can switch on and off through the blue-backlit adjustable electronic Frigidaire FRW1225 Wine Cooler Renewedtemperature control panel on the door shows off your wine bottles nicely and makes it easier for you to pick one before opening the door. This way you won’t be overworking the cooler by letting the cool air escape when you open the door frequently.

Frigidaire FRW1225 weighs 27 pounds and measures 20.2 x 25.2 x 10 inches, so it will not take up much space. You can use it in small kitchens or your living room as it runs quietly without disturbing your conversation. Thanks to the lack of vibrations the sediments in your wine bottles will not be disturbed. The shelves are conveniently removable for you to make some space for weird shaped or large bottles. Overall it is pretty good value at the reduced price for being a renewed product.

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