GOFLAME Portable Countertop & Built-in Dishwasher w/ 6 Place Settings & 5 Cleaning Presets Review

GOFLAME Portable Countertop & Built-in Dishwasher

Goflame Countertop Dishwasher 10016FP-GL

GOFLAME Countertop Dishwasher with 6 place settings is a portable dishwashing appliance that can be used both as a built-in unit or on your kitchen countertop. It has a LED-backlit touch display with the 5 cleaning preset modes and can be used in smaller apartments, dorms or RVs.

The average user rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 2 customers so far, being released very recently on February 1, 2022 and is ranked the 16th best selling countertop dishwasher on Amazon.com. You can purchase it with the doorknob (10016FP-GL) or without doorknob (‎XM-9QSI-4DMG) at the same price on the day of this product review. Black GoFlame Compact Dishwasher weighs 46 pounds and measures 21.7L x 19.7W x 17.7H inches and the materials used are stainless steel, steel, PP and glass.

With the 120V of voltage and 60Hz of operating frequency you can plug it into any standard US power outlets. It comes with the two 360-degree spray arms at the top and bottom with the 26 water ports that generate strong water flow. This helps get rid of all the stains as there is no blind angle. There is a removable 3-layer filter for draining out the dirty water and allows the easier cleaning of the residues. You can use this dishwasher with the dishwashing powder, pod, liquid cleaner or rinse aid.

Despite its compact exterior it has a relatively large interior for 6 place settings for up to 72 pieces of utensils, on a 6-place setting basket and in a cutlery basket. You can put your stainless steel, glass or ceramic dishes easily. After the dishwashing cycle is complete the clean items can be left in theGOFLAME 6-Place Countertop Dishwasher dishwasher for up to 72 hours. The 158 °F hot air will run every two hours to keep the items fresh and dry. You’ll be able to achieve the maximum cleaning with the 5 preset modes.

There is a child lock that locks the control panel for preventing the misuse by your kids or pets. The dishwasher will stop running when you open the door during a washing cycle. We like that it can be used both on the countertop and as a built-in dishwasher under the cabinet. This will save you on space especially if you have a small kitchen in a small home. The space needed under the counter is 21.8-22L x 21.7W x 17.9-18H inches as well as a drainage pipe hole of 2.36 x 2.36 inches.

As an ETL certified dishwashing appliance it is safe to use. It has an 870-watt power, inlet water temperature of ≤120 °F and the water pressure of 5.8-145 PSI. It comes with a 79-inch drain pipe and a 59″ injection pipe. In the package you’ll get the countertop dishwasher, a cutlery basket, a bowl basket, injection and drain pipes, a sucker, a ferrule and the instructions manual. The 5 preset modes are Eco (145mins), Intense (130mins), Rapid (25mins), Usual (70mins) and Glass (100mins). And you’ll get a thorough cleaning with the 13 jet holes on both spray arms.

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