Hermitux Countertop Portable Dishwasher with Glass Door & 5 Wash Programs Review

Hermitlux Countertop Portable Dishwasher with Glass Door

Hermitlux Countertop Portable Dishwasher with 5 Washing Programs

White Hermitlux Countertop Dishwasher (HMX-TDJ03) has a compact and portable, freestanding design and includes a 5-liter capacity built-in water tank, a glass door and 5 wash programs that you can select on its touch control panel. It is a fairly recent release popular dishwasher that is currently ranked 27th among dishwashers and that first became available at Amazon.com on January 7, 2021.

The noise level is 50 decibels, which is less than the average and will not disturb you when you’re having a conversation in the kitchen, listening to music or watching TV. White Hermitlux Dishwasher weighs just 12kg (26.4 pounds) and measures 16.85L x 16.73W x 18.03H inches and has a meter long cord. This 900W power dishwasher has a 120V of voltage (AC) and 60Hz of frequency and you can plug it into standard North American power outlets.

This mini dishwasher is ideal for daily use and will save you from washing your dishes by hand every day. So it is quite a convenient unit to own and even if you have a small kitchen with little space you can put it on your countertop. It has a 6-place setting and you can fit in 12-inch dishes if you put them at an angle. You have 5 wash programs you can choose from, including the ECO, Strong, Standard, Fast and Fruit cleaning. And it offers a deep clean with the spraying arms with high water pressure.

It can clean your tableware, veggies and fruits thoroughly and has the drying function to dry the washed dishes and to prevent any unwanted smells. The heat sanitizing function, PTC hot wind and high temperature are good for the very dirty and oily stuff and the baby products. There are two water supply modes on this portable countertop dishwasher, the faucet mode and the water tank. You can either fill the 5-liter capacity water tank and start using the dishwasher when it is filled. You can hook up the water inlet hose to the dishwasher and the drain hose to the faucet and no complicated installation is needed for this compact dishwasher.

It has a convenient glass door that lets you see the washing clearly without needing to open the door. You can use it comfortably in small apartments, boats, RVs, dorms or wherever you want thanks to its small footprint. It uses 0.38 kilowatt hours of energy and the annual energy consumption is 174 kilowatt hours. It has the high temperature washing with the 360-degree rotating spray arms up and down for efficient cleaning. It is tested and inspected thoroughly before getting outHermitlux Countertop Portable Dishwasher with 5 Wash on the market and you’ll get the operation instructions in the box. You may contact the customer service team in case of any problems.

The clear LED-backlit touch control panel is located at the top and easy to access and operate. The maximum temperature reached is 75 degrees and is safe to use plastic cups and dishes as well. The interior is solid plastic and not stainless steel for this compact, budget priced dishwasher. In the box, you’ll find the countertop dishwasher, storage rack, cutlery basket, tableware basket, fruit basket, inlet hose, drain hose, a cup, a hose collar and a user manual. It will beep after washing your dishes and will go into the 60-minute drying program. You can use any dish detergent powder or liquid in this dishwasher. As it works quietly you can concentrate on your work or whatever you’re doing, while you’re saving on time and effort of not washing your dishes manually.

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