Marnur N/C Stepper Elliptical Trainer Climber with 20lb. Flywheel & Crank Technology Review

Marnur N/C Stepper Elliptical Trainer with Crank Technology

Marnur N-C Stepper Elliptical Machine 20lb Flywheel

Marnur N\C Stepper Elliptical Trainer Climber is a modern cardiovascular fitness equipment with the crank technology and a large 20-pound flywheel for you to exercise comfortably without leaving the comfort of your home. It is a 3-in-1 combination machine that includes a stepper, an elliptical trainer and a spin bike.

You’ll get a nice total body workout on its oval path with the stepper motion. And you get to ride it smoothly and quietly thanks to the large 20lb. flywheel. There is a smart LCD-backlit monitor for tracking and monitoring your workout stats including the distance traveled, total distance, current speed, calories burned, time exercised and pulse rate that is connected to the sensors on the fixed handles on both sides of the large LCD display. You also have a tablet holder where you can put your smartphone or iPad for following the workout videos.

This modern stepper elliptical trainer is suitable for use by the people at different ages and fitness levels from beginner to professional by rotating the tension knob to 8 levels of magnetic resistance for different levels of difficulty. The large 20-pound flywheel has an 18.1-inch diameter and offers a decent resistance and smooth movement. Stainless steel slide rail and crank technology that we see on this stepper trainer makes your riding even smoother and stutter-free as it is easier to pass the joints. You get to exercise smoothly and efficiently to get the most out of your cardio workout.

N-C Stepper Elliptical Machine Crank Technology

Marnur Stepper Elliptical Trainer has an upright, compact design and will not take up much space in your room. It offers a low impact whole body workout that can get intense with the adjustable resistance levels and will not be a burden on your knees, hips or lower back. You’ll get to step and stride in a single intense movement as you can stride horizontally at a distance of 10.24 inches and climb up to a vertical height of 6.5 inches.

Marnur N/C Elliptical has a gross weight of 83.6 pounds, can carry a maximum total user weight of 300 pounds and measures 38.7 x 25.6 x 62.2 inches. The users between the heights of 4’9″ and 6’5″ can use it comfortably, so it is good for use by both the shorter and very tall adults. This modern elliptical trainer was first available at on July 2, 2021 and is currently ranked 42nd best seller among the elliptical trainers listed on the website. It is offered with a 24-month’s of warranty by the manufacturer for any shipping damage or any defects and please check with Amazon for the length of the full refund guarantee period, whether it is 90 or 30 days.

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