hOmelabs 18-Bottle Free Standing Single Zone Wine Cooler, HME030222N Review

hOmelabs 18-Bottle Free Standing Single Zone Wine Cooler 

hOmelabs 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

hOmelabs HME030222N is an 18 bottle capacity, freestanding design single zone thermoelectric wine cooler. It is a compact and efficient fridge specifically designed to offer your red and white wine bottles an ideal environment and optimal temperatures.

hOmelabs Wine Cooler has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 62 customers on the day of this product review, which shows a great degree of customer satisfaction. It has an easy to use digital LED-backlit temperature display in Fahrenheit, temp up and down buttons to adjust the temperature between 54 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit and light buttons. The door is double pane glass with stainless steel frame.

You can store up to 18 x 750ml regular size wine bottles on its five metal shelves. It runs quietly and without vibrations that would disturb the sediments in your wine bottles. And the flavors of your wine will be maintained because of the consistent temperatures in this cooler. If you want to put larger or different shaped bottles you’ll fit in less than 18 bottles and you can remove one or two shelves that slide out easily. The polished chrome slide-out racks in this wine cooler are sturdy and durable and will keep your bottles safe.

The compact hOmelabs Wine Cooler weighs about 30 pounds and measures 14 x 20.1 x 25.75 inches and can be used as a freestanding unit in your home kitchen, bar or any part of your house. It is an efficient semiconductor powered 70-watt thermoelectric cooler without a compressor and with a very quiet fan. You can see the contents of the fridge through the UV glass door with the magnetic seal to help keep the humidity and temperature stable. Please note that the door is not reversible and you can only open it to the right.

You can switch the light on and off with the light button on the display panel to be able to see your wine bottles without opening the door and let the cool air escape. It has the balancing feet underneath for uneven grounds. As it is 25.5 inches high you can easily fit it under a hOmelabs 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Interior Shelveskitchen or bar counter. It doesn’t have a lock if you will be putting in an area where your bottles can be stolen. There is a recessed door handle to open the glass door easily or you can just open it through the top.

This is a low cost yet decent wine cooler for standard shape and size wine bottles for those that want to drink regularly rather than preserve precious bottles. You will need to pay much more for something with more features. It is sleek and modern, runs very quietly, is simple and efficient, does the job well and keeps your wines cool consistently. The temperature range of 54°F – 66°F is good for white, red, champagne and rosé bottles. As 54 degrees is cool enough you can also put your beer bottles on the slots. It gets down to the temperature you set to quickly and stays there. You can contact hOmelabs via online chat or email and the customer service people will be happy to assist you.

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