JUMMICO Faux Leather Convertible Futon Sofa Bed, Couch, Folding Recliner Review

JUMMICO Faux Leather Convertible Futon Sofa

JUMMICO Futon Sofa Bed Faux Leather

Black JUMMICO Futon Sofa Bed is a modern, multifunctional, rectangular shaped couch bed, futon & convertible folding recliner that is made of faux leather for use in the living room. It is a number one new release best seller in the living room, with the color options of black, light gray, brown with the black 18 dollars cheaper.

You can use it in the resting position, laying down with the backrest in the flat position and the movable armrest cushions becoming two comfy pillows for you to sleep comfortably. The leather on this futon sofa bed is good quality, smooth and comfortable, friendly to your skin- shouldn’t cause any allergies and durable. You have the breathable thick elastic sponge pad to support your body comfortably. The legs are chrome plated metal for a nice addition to the look of the classic modern style futon sofa bed with a simplistic look.

The arm rests are removable and you can put them wherever you want as they are not held in place. There are two cup holders on the middle hand rest where you can put your coffee cups. It is easy to set up in just 15-20 mins with the detailed instructions and the tools provided. This futon bed has a mechanical metal structure, switching between three modes is easy. The good quality faux leather on the futon sofa bed is easy to maintain, with a long service life. It is very easy to clean as you can just wipe the stains with a wet towel.

JUMMICO Futon Sofa Bed

Please note that it is a small futon bed that will be adequate for two people to sit comfortably, even if they are very tall and large. Because of its size it will fit in your bedroom or your living room too for 2 adults or 3 kids to sit on. If you plan to lay down or sleep on it, you’ll be fine if you’re not taller than 5’8″ or so and will not be comfortable. The sofa bed is lightweight at less than 150 pounds.

You can change it from sofa to a bed easily in just seconds. It is comfortable but not super comfortable, good size for 2 people to sit on but not enough for an average height adult to lie down on. You may get a bit of a smell when you first take it out of the box and on the first say of use, which will go away. It is sturdy, durable, smart and elegant looking and offered at a fair price for the quality. As a multifunctional, comfortable and stylish sofa bed it can be a nice addition to any home. Jummico offers good after sale customer support and you may feel free to contact them for any of your queries or problems with the product you purchased.

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