KUPPET GHG915 34″ & GH604A 24″ Built-in Gas Cooktops Review

KUPPET GHG915 34″ & GH604A 24″ Built-in Gas Cooktops

KUPPET GHG915 34 Built-in Gas Cooktop Ignite

Black tempered glass KUPPET GHG915 is a 34″ size built-in type gas cooktop stove with a smooth stainless steel surface, 5 adjustable cooktop burners and metal knob controls. As an ETL safety certified cooking product with a UL approved power cord and plug it is safe to use at homes.

It is a hot new release cooktop that first appeared at Amazon.com in November 2019. You can get it in black or silver colors and is also available as a 24” cooktop (GH604A) in both colors. The adjustable cooktop burners are the second generation Sabaf burners with the solenoid valve lining & thermocouple sensor for shutting off automatically in case of any risk of gas leakage. You can boil quickly on a large flame (by rotating the knob to the middle) and cook precisely on a small flame.

The metal knobs are easy to control as you press them and rotate in the opposite direction of the clock. You’ll get the nozzles for both the LPG and natural gas for different needs of different kitchens. It is shipped in the NG mode which can be converted to LPG by a qualified technician by using the LPG conversion kit included. It has the good quality 8mm tempered glass on top that is easy to wipe clean. And it is built to withstand the heat and there won’t be any chipping or cracking. You can put the full-width iron grates and the knobs in the dishwasher.

KUPPET GHG915 with 5 burners weighs 44.1 pounds and measures 34.2 x 20 x 3.9 inches and the 24” KUPPET GH604A with 4 burners weighs 33.7 pounds with the measurements of 22.8 x 20” x 3.9′ inches. They work manually without electricity and are ideal for use in home kitchens, RVs, outdoors in the backyard etc. And the electric ignition has the 120V of voltage and 60Hz of KUPPET GHG915 34 Built-in Gas Cooktop Stovefrequency. It is completely safe to use, functional with many user-friendly features and easy to set up for use in modern homes. Ignition starts working after pressing the knob and when the knob is not pressed down it is in the child lock protection state.

On each burner you have the thermocouple flameout protection, electronic pulse ignition, Tiffindi copper burner and the forged copper fire cover that is undeformed and durable. Cooking is quicker with the evenly distributed heat as the inner swirling flame wrapping the bottom of the pot and fire not leaving the flame. It has a beautiful built-in design that blends nicely with any kitchen decor. The stainless steel surface is resistant to heat discoloration and stains and will offer you a reliable cooktop for many years to come. You have the 4 versatile burner sizes, including a 2600-BTU burner, double 5800-BTU burners, a 7500-BTU burner and a 9500-BTU burner. Whichever size cooktop (34″ or 24″) you choose, they are both good value for the dollar. You have a very safe and reliable cooktop here at a reasonable price.

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