Sonya Full-Automatic Portable Top Load 1.58cu.ft, 13lb. Capacity Washer Spinner Review

Sonya Full-Automatic 1.58cu.ft Washer Spinner

Sonya Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine

Sonya Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine is a compact, top loading laundry unit with a washer and spin dryer with a 1.58 cubic feet, 13 pounds capacity and a drain pump. There are 4 water level options and 4 wash programs on the LED-backlit control panel.

Grey Sonya Portable Washer is made of solid plastic with a stainless steel tub, weighs 54.5 pounds and measures 19.75L x 19.75D x 33.5H inches and the height with the lid open is 40.25 inches. It is compact and lightweight enough to be moved or relocated around your house. Despite its relatively small exterior it has a 13-pound capacity (1.58 cubic feet) at a time in its big honeycomb shaped inner tub. It is powerful and will take care of your dirty clothes and even bed sheets.

There are human interface input buttons on the LED display. With the Delay Start function you can preset this machine to start washing your clothes later. The 4 water levels that you can select from are Low, Medium, High and Super and this is simply the water level you want. The temperature button is for the water temp that you want to get into the tub through the inlet and you have three options of cold, warm and hot. And you have the 4 wash programs of Standard, Quick Wash, Delicate and Heavy. It comes with a quick connect adapter kit of 13/16″ diameter internal thread and 7/8″ diameter external thread and hose for your hook up the washer straight to your faucet.

Sonya Full-Automatic Portable Washer

You can also use two inlet hoses to connect it to the hot and cold water outlets like a standard washing machine. It is shipped with a single inlet hose and if you need two of them please contact the seller customer service team. Just like a regular washing machine it will wash, rinse and spin dry your clothes. You can also choose to get them to work separately depending on what you need. It has an integrated water pump for discharging the water easily through upper draining. You just put the drain hose on the sink and water will get pumped out easily.

This is a brand new washer spinner that is QC water proof tested and you may see water residue in the drum. Please note that this one has a spin dryer and you would need to get a portable spinner for drying your clothes. The noise level is not high- just average for a washing machine. This washer does quite a good job and cleans your clothes very well. It would be suitable for use by one or two people or for your baby clothes. It can be used in apartments, dorms, holiday homes, RVs, camping and wherever you have a power outlet. You can plug this 110V washing machine into any 3-prong standard US power outlet. Please note that it doesn’t have the wheels underneath and will need to drag it across the floor. It has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars by 12 customers at the moment for this January 26, 2021 release product.

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