Vanity Planet Fria Skincare Fridge, VP94337-0100 Review

Vanity Planet Fria Mini Skincare Fridge

Fria Skincare Fridge - White

White Fria Skincare Fridge (VP94337-0100) by Vanity Planet is a sleek and modern cooler- a chic vanity staple that is designed to help keep your skincare fresh and increase their shelf lives significantly. It is a very new release product at, only released at the end of October 2019.

It is not just about preserving well, but also improving and maximizing the effectiveness of clay masks and other products for you to achieve the optimal results and maximum power. So this great little skincare fridge will make sure that your skincare products do a better job and last longer. It has the convenient removable shelves and a transparent window that you can view your beauty and skincare products that you store in your little custom closet fridge.

If your skincare stuff is natural and free of preservatives, they may go off much quicker in the heat or even at the normal room temperature than those more artificial products. And by applying the chilled skincare on your face or body will help you avoid irritation, redness or puffiness as it is definitely more soothing and calming. You can keep your facial rollers in this mini cooler fridge to give your face a nice and relaxing massage whenever you want or need.

White Fria Skincare Fridge has a modern, eye-catching design- looks very cute, is lightweight and compact- weighs only 5.7 pounds and measures 14.1 x 8.9 x 1.3 inches. But it is not so small on the outside and you can fit in quite a few of your beauty products inside. You will not need to use the artificial products that are full of not so harmless preservatives. You can just use more of the White Fria Skincare Coolernatural products by Vanity Planet or other companies and use this skincare fridge to improve the potency of their variety of beauty serums for a revitalizing cool.

Fria Skincare Fridge does the job of storing and preserving your beauty products very well without occupying much space in your bedroom or bathroom. The products you get out of this fridge to apply on your face will feel very nice and fresh on your face. It works efficiently and quietly without disturbing your sleep. And chilling your masks, creams, serums, jade rollers, masks, and all the other beauty and skincare products is a different experience. You will feel like you discovered a new type of skincare at a new level. This may be a great little investment in your skincare and beauty regimen.

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