WANAI Full-Automatic 12 lb., 1.6 cu. ft. 2-in-1 Washing Machine Review

WANAI 12 lb, 1.6 cu. ft. Full-Automatic Washing Machine

WANAI Full-Automatic Washing Machine 1.6cu.ft

WANAI Full-Automatic Washing Machine is a portable and compact 2-in-1 laundry washer unit with a 12-pound or 1.6 cubic feet capacity. It comes with a built-in aluminum drain pump, a drainage tube and an LED-backlit display panel with the options for 8 water levels and 10 programs.

It is suitable for use in houses, apartments, dorms and especially in homes or bathrooms where space is restricted. The average customer rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars by 12 users at the time of this product review. It is a fully automatic machine that doesn’t require you to do anything manually. You just set the washing and spinning and let the machine do the job. With the included drain pump and drainage tube the dirty water is drained out conveniently and easily during and after the washing.

You have the water level and rotation, Program, Time Setting, Start/Pause, Power and Child Lock options. You can fit 10 pounds of washing at once in its honeycomb shaped inner tub. You just put your clothes in, fill the tub with water, adjust the time and get started. Washing and spinning functions have different time settings. And by picking one of the ten programs available to you, these will be adjusted automatically. There is a filter net on the side of the barrel that you can pull of during the tube cleaning. Unlike some other semi-automatic machines there is a single tub in this machine that is used both for washing and spinning.

Grey and black Wanai Washing Machine weighs 46.29 pounds and measures 19.29 x 20.47 x 33.66 inches. The cabinet is made of PP- polypropylene material and the tub is stainless steel. It is easy to install and with the descriptions and illustrations on the display panel it is very easy to operate. You can contact the seller or customer support team in case of any quality or other issues. It has a small space saving design but a large load capacity as compared to its size. You can relocate it easily within your house or when you’re moving house.  It may look a bit bigger in reality than it is in the photos but is still compact in size.

These washing machines are thoroughly tested and inspected before going out on the market and they are also tested for injection and leaking of water. They’ll drain the water as much as they can but it can not be done completely- 100% and there will be a bit of water left that you shouldn’t worry about. You can wash a full size blanket or a heavily soiled item easily and most of the water will be WANAI Full-Automatic Washing Machinedrained out after you’re done. The water stops automatically on its own after it is filled with water. There is a built-in filter/screen where the hose is connected to the water and you can use a screen drain plug and a floating lint catcher.

You probably need to use a Philips screw driver to connect the water line to your faucet. If you have or get some sort of sliders to use below the adjustable legs you can move this machine easier. The highest water level is 8 liters and you can easily put in a couple of king size sheets, or two queens and 3-4 pillow cases.  It adjusts the imbalance that is caused by the clothes that were not not put in equally, automatically. So that you do not hear or experience abnormal vibrations. The wattage for the washing is 380 watts and 250 watts for the spinning and you can plug it into a standard 110V power outlet. This Wanai Full Automatic Washing Machine is easy to use and does the job well for what it is designed to do.It is a wonderful little washing machine that works well.

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